PALPSA apple donation

17th July 2017

Students at Swallowcliffe Primary last week feasted on fresh apples donated by Pick A Local, Pick SA in a bid to boost their knowledge about healthy eating.

The program donated 200 apples to the school at Davoren Park as part of the Northern Weekly’s Healthy Heroes campaign, which aims to improve the general health of those living in the Salisbury and Playford council districts.

The apples were a hit with five-year-old student Emily.

“Apples are my favourite fruit, they’re really juicy. They help me run around,” she said.

Her four-year-old friend Kirsti preferred vegetables over fruit.

“I like carrots and broccoli, I eat them so my teeth don’t fall out.” she said.

Pick A Local, Pick SA marketing and business development manager Nadia Boscaini believes it is never too early to teach children the importance of eating healthy.

“Knowing how produce goes from farm to plate is important, so children understand what they are putting into their mouths and where it comes from,” Ms Boscaini said.

Philip Pearce, an Aboriginal student mentor, said the school taught students eating breakfast would make them feel healthier.

“If the kids come in hungry, then the teachers can’t do their job,” Mr Pearce said.

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