Meet Nicol Carrots

27th July 2022 News
Nicol Carrots

Found in the heartland of Virginia, Nicol carrots is a second-generation carrot farm founded in 1963 by Barry Nicol, now operated by his son Doug. Their 250-hectare property grows carrots all year-round taking care of all stages of the growing process – harvesting, washing, packing, hydro-vac cooling, and transporting the carrots to the SA produce market ensuring a quick turnaround time.

The Pick a Local, Pick SA team went out to visit Doug for a tour of the farm where we saw first-hand the quality-control measures put in place which has helped them become a respected wholesaler within the market.

Growing fresh, high-quality, carrots is something Doug prides himself on, maintaining the belief that carrots must be eaten fresh in order to gain the best taste. To achieve this Nicols does its best to ensure a short turnaround time with some of their carrots found on local shelves within 24 hours of being picked!

You can find Nicol carrots across many independent retailers both in loose and 1kg pre-pack varieties.

You can see more here from our recent visit captured on video.

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