A Better Choice’ and Pick A Local, Pick SA!

‘A Better Choice’ is the first national initiative designed to educate consumers about the quality, service and freshness of produce at their local fruit and vegetable shop.

The program supports more than 500 fruit and veg business owners across Australia who supply over half of the fresh produce sold each year. ‘A Better Choice’ presents an opportunity for consumers to come together to help create a positive future for business owners, produce wholesalers and local growers who supply them.

‘A Better Choice‘ has surveyed thousands of Australian consumers and has identified what matters most to them when it comes to purchasing fruit and vegetables. When you shop local, you’re getting better quality, freshness and range of produce, that you know has been hand-picked by the store owners. Make a healthier choice for you and your family by buying fresh produce sourced daily from across the country.

Buying local is giving back – lending a hand to the young family who run your local fruit store or supporting a third-generation farmer to get back on their feet.


By shopping at your local fruit and veg shop you are making A Better Choice!

A Better Choice of available products

A Better Choice for freshness

A Better Choice for knowledge and service

A Better Choice to support your local community

A Better Choice for you and your family


Taste the freshness, quality and range of local produce by shopping at your local fruit and veg store.


Together we can keep the Aussie fruit and veg industry thriving for generations to come.