PALPSA Healthy Heroes Campaign

17th July 2017

Our smoothie operators

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

That’s the message Pick A Local, Pick SA!- a subsidiary of the SA Produce Market- taught primary school children last week as part of the Northern Weekly’s Healthy Heroes campaign.

Pick A Local visited Ingle Farm Primary on Thursday to host a smoothie-making workshop for 30 students in Years 6 and 7- and they were given a taste.

Marketing coordinator Nadia Boscaini whipped up the breakfast drink using fresh pineapple, bananas and kiwi fruit donated by SA Produce Market wholesaler La Manna.

Miss Boscaini said the demonstration’s aim was twofold to teach the benefits of eating nutritious breakfast and to drive home the importance of supporting local growers.

“We want to make sure children of all ages understand the important roles farmers, wholesale markets and fruit and vegetable retailers play in our community and how it can help them live healthy and active lives,” Miss Boscaini said.

“We encourage children to try different fruits and vegetables that are provided by their local fruit and vegetable growers, wholesalers and retailers.”

Ingle Farm East Primary host a daily breakfast club at the site on Halidon St, providing small meals ahead of classes in a bid to boost performance and alertness.

Principal Mike Sims said some students came to school without breakfast- and were “really flat” as a result.

“Having breakfast is a good start to the day and I think the smoothie demonstration taught the kids that they can enjoy healthy meals and deserts,” Mr Sims said.

“It doesn’t have to just be sugary stuff,”

Year 7 student Emily Silvester usually has toast but was now looking forward to giving the smoothie a shot.

“I think that smoothies are healthy-they give you protein and energy,” Emily, 12, said.

“And breakfast is important because it gives you energy for the morning.”

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