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3rd August 2017


The Cara Cara is a medium-size orange with a glossy rind. The inner flesh of the Cara Cara Orange looks like a ruby grapefruit and is often mistaken for one. It is low in acid, sweet, juicy and delicious navel orange. When ripe, the Cara Cara orange’s flesh is tender, succulent and extremely very juicy. Cara Cara Oranges look like small grapefruits but they are far sweeter.


The Cara Cara oranges are available during the winter months into early spring. Perfect for July and August!

Nutritional Value

Cara Cara oranges are a good source for vitamin A, vitamin C, fiber, potassium, protein and the caroteniod, lycopene, which gives them their pink color.

How to use it…

Cara Cara oranges are an ideal balance of sweetness and acidity, making them suitable for fresh eating, juices, jams, sauces, baking and used in pan sauces.

Cara Cara oranges will keep up to two weeks, refrigerated.

Cara Cara juice can be frozen in an airtight container for up to six months.