Smith Gully Orchards

“Smith Gully Orchards” at Montacute in the Adelaide Hills is operated by brothers Rob and Charlie Smith, along with their father Ray, Rob’s wife Jenny, and their families.

Rob and Charlie are sixth generation growers of numerous fruit and vegetable lines coupled with some more unique lines of produce.

Today we are mainly growing Cherries, Lemons, Apples and Figs for the fresh fruit market. Currently we also grow from late December until early May Beetroot, Swedes and Turnips.

Their expertise now lies in growing many varieties of fruit, including Apples, in particular Royal Gala, Fuji, Red Delicious, Granny Smith, Pink Lady and Golden Delicious.

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Gilmours Orchards

Established in Paracombe South Australia, in the 1920’s by Harris James Gilmour (Melvyn Gilmour’s grandfather), Gilmours Orchards has grown from a dairy, poultry, mixed fruit and vegetable farm into the exclusively pear and quince orchard it is today.

Operated by Mel, his wife Gloria, son Rohan and Rohan’s wife Sharon, Gilmours Orchards tends to over 15,000 trees growing varieties such as Packhams Triumph, Corella, Beurre Bosc, Red D’Anjou and Williams.

We are proud suppliers of South Australia’s largest independent supermarkets and many smaller greengrocers.

Try a Gilmours Orchards pear today!

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Cobbledick Produce Pty Ltd

Our family has had 6th generations in the fruit and vegetable industry and I can’t wait to introduce it to my 7th generation at home.

It’s rewarding to see crops go from seeds to harvest to the market floor to sell from one family to another.

I was born into this industry 35 years ago and that’s where I want to stay.

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Mondello Produce

Everyone I know is involved in the fruit and vegetable industry somehow, it’s like it’s in their blood.

I want to do this for as long as possible to support independent South Australian retailers, growers and wholesalers.

The supply chain is important and needs to be protected.  We like providing the freshest and tastiest produce available so the community and families can spend time together and enjoy good wholesome produce.


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