Five uses for fresh figs

17th February 2019 Education

Pick A Local Pick SA brand ambassador – Callum Hann’s Five Uses for Fresh Figs

I’ve always found it strange that figs seem to be such a polarising fruit.

I think it’s probably due to people not knowing how to use or eat them rather a genuine dislike.

The good news is that you can eat the entire fig, other than the tiny knobbly stem at the very top.

Like cherries, figs have one of the shortest seasons, so when you see them use them while you can!

Here’s some of my favourite uses for figs:

  • Quarter figs, drizzle with honey and yoghurt and serve with your breakfast muesli
  • Cut figs into wedges, toss with rocket, shallots and fresh mozzarella or blue cheese. Drizzle with good quality balsamic and serve with crusty bread
  • Make mini pavlovas and top with marcapone, figs and chopped roasted pistachios
  • Halve figs, toss with olive oil and place in a pork roasting pan for the final 10-15 minutes or cooking
  • Slice figs and place push into a butter cake batter. Brush with a syrup made from lemon juice and honey and bake in a low oven until sticky and glazed.

Happy cooking!

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