Case study – Stramare Produce and CHEP

25th February 2019 News

Case study – Stramare Produce and CHEP

The right platform and support for the job: Stramare Produce unlocks supply chain efficiencies with share and reuse model

Reducing total operating costs and improving returns

Stramare Produce is a leading, fresh produce wholesaling business based at the South Australia Produce Markets (SAPM). For more than 50 years, the business has been providing the freshest produce at affordable prices and consistently delivering great service to their customers. The business specialises in beans, pumpkins, grapes, honeydew melons, lemons, mandarins, rock melons and seedless watermelons.

To safely handle and move produce through their supply chain, Stramare Produce uses a mix of CHEP pallets, bins and reusable plastic containers (RPCs). By sharing and reusing CHEP platforms, Stramare Produce are able to redirect capital investment to their operations and focus on their core business.

The Opportunity

Focusing on reducing operating costs and improving sustainability performance within the markets, CHEP, alongside Fresh Markets Australia, growers, wholesalers like Stramere Produce and buyers identified an opportunity to improve the reusable equipment model. This was supported by SA Produce Credit Pty Ltd and the South Australian Chamber of Fruit & Vegetables. These improvements were necessary as previous processes for sharing and reusing equipment were time consuming, made controlling equipment difficult and resulted in inefficiencies.

The Solution

The inefficiencies of the previous process were impacting Stramare Produce’s core business. Recognising this and learning more about the new share and reuse model at the SAPM, Stramare Produce decided to engage with the team at CHEP. By partnering with CHEP, Stramare Produce has saved money by only paying for what they use and this has provided improved transparency of movements with their trading partners.

The Results

As a result of this partnership, Stramare Produce have reduced their operating costs and improved their equipment control. They now pick up CHEP pallets, bins and RPCs at onsite locations.

David Trosti, Managing Director, Stramare Produce said, “By using CHEP’s platforms we’ve been able to improve our produce quality, reduce total operating costs and improve returns.

“The support from CHEP’s team has been first-class. They are proactive and are always available to assist us better manage equipment flows. We value our partnership and look forward to continuing to grow together.”



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