Think local when preparing a healthy lunchbox for the kids

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MEDIA RELEASE | January 2020

With kids officially back at school this week, parents are being urged to strip back the packets and processed foods, and instead fill lunchboxes with local, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Pick A Local, Pick SA! Campaign Manager, Penny Reidy, said that a few small changes can help families achieve a balanced lunchbox for their kids as she launched the #PackAnSASnack campaign.

“Try and fill your kid’s lunchboxes with a healthy serve of local fruit and vegetables. We are so spoilt in South Australia, with apples, watermelons and strawberries all in season at the moment.

“Not only are these lunches quick and easy to prepare but they are fun and nutritious for kids to eat,” said Penny Reidy.

Penny says getting kids involved in learning about how different foods are grown, is a great way to get kids interested in eating healthy.

“Getting kids to pack their lunchbox with you sparks important conversations about food. It gives you the opportunity to speak to them about where their food is coming from and what healthy choices they should be making,” said Penny.

With local growers affected by last year’s bushfires and the current pickers shortage, Penny says it is more important than ever to think local.

“The greatest support South Australians can give our fruit and veg industry is to buy local. We urge all kids to put a healthy SA snack in your pack,” said Penny.

Shoppers should look for the Pick a Local Pick SA! signage in local fruit and vegetable stores to know they are supporting South Australian growers, wholesalers and retailers.


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 About Pick A Local, Pick SA!

Pick a Local, Pick SA is a South Australian based campaign run by Market Fresh SA. The South Australian Produce Market and SA Chamber of Fruit and Vegetables Industries have come together to form Market Fresh to highlight the important role the independent retail sector play in the local horticulture industry. The independent retail sector consists of local business owned by local South Australian families who source the bulk of their produce from local growers.

The Pick a Local, Pick SA campaign reminds customers that when they see this logo, they can feel assured that they are not only buying fresh produce that was handpicked this morning from growers and wholesalers at the South Australian Produce Market. They are also supporting local businesses, local families, local growers, local communities, local jobs, the local industry and the local economy.

The campaign consists of extensive print and social media advertising, regular competitions and in-store promotional activities.

As of 2018, Pick A Local, Pick SA! is working with national brand ‘A Better Choice’ to extend the reach of the campaign to truly support all of Australia.

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