17th February 2017 News

Pick A Local, Pick SA! can get you in touch with your local retailers. Help us ensure the survival of South Australia’s horticultural supply chain.

Our mission is to support local, independent retailers and enable South Australian locally owned and operated businesses to grow.

Many of our growers and wholesalers have been in the industry for several generations with many others entering the industry to provide fresh, wholesome fruit and vegetables to the local, national and international community.

Be an advocate for your state, understand how and where you as a consumer spends your money and how it impacts the local economy and ultimately your own livelihood.

Choosing to buy local means less handling. It reduces the distance our food has to travel, which is not only better for the environment but also our health since the produce is thought to be fresher and of a higher nutritional value when it reaches our homes.

Local fruit and veg is often ripened longer than imported lines which produces a better tasting product.

Supporting local producers also means, we are supporting local families, communities, businesses, industries and assisting in long term job creation for the State.

The sustainability of our local producers is dependent on the support of all South Australian’s in their decisions to buy local, especially when they are facing tough times.

We must remember small business is very much big business in South Australia.

Look for the sign of a real local and shop at independent retailers.

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